Hi! I'm an  MS-HCI  student at  Georgia Tech 

I am passionate about analyzing how new technology impacts people that exist within the ecosystem of the design using evidence-based methods. 

I understand that the world of UX is hard - I try every day to learn how to make it easier.

 UX Intern  at  Georgia Tech Office of Information Technology 

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Jamba - Focus Brands
UX Redesign Case Study 
Redesign of the Jamba App for Focus Brands
August - December 2019
UX Design Case Study
August - December 2019
A bike interface for food delivery bikers
For Food Delivery Bikers in Urban Atlanta 
The dPod
Animal Aid Shelter
UX Case Study 
Mobile App design for an animal shelter
August - December 2019

Hi! I am Niharika, I discovered my passion for Human-Computer Interaction when I constantly found myself wondering about the implications of technology. I have always found myself leaning towards questions like, 'why are products designed the way they are?', and 'Who are these products designed for?'. Every day, I discover a new answer to these questions and strive to keep myself hungry to explore more!  

During weekends, I can be found petting dogs (occasionally cats too), reading science fiction or researching incessantly about various kinds of tea!

If you would like to get in touch or talk more about any of my projects,​ or just a quick catch up over tea, I can be contacted at - 


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