Hi! I'm an incoming PhD student in the Human-Centered Computing program at 

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). 🐝  I'm also a newly graduated student  from the MS Human-Computer Interaction program at Georgia Tech (Class of 2021). 🎓

My work is focused on understanding how technology impacts people that exist within the ecosystem of design using evidence-based methods. I am currently a Graduate Researcher in the Everyday Computing Lab, part of the GVU Center at Georgia Tech.    

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Jamba - Focus Brands
UX Redesign Case Study 
Redesign of the Jamba App for Focus Brands
August - December 2019
UX Design Case Study
August - December 2019
A bike interface for food delivery bikers
For Food Delivery Bikers in Urban Atlanta 
The dPod
Animal Aid Shelter
UX Case Study 
Mobile App design for an animal shelter
August - December 2019

Hi! I am Niharika, I discovered my passion for Human-Computer Interaction when I constantly found myself wondering about the implications of technology. I have always found myself leaning towards questions like, 'Why are products designed the way they are?', and 'Who are these products designed for?'. Every day, I discover a new answer to these questions and strive to keep myself hungry to explore more!  

During weekends, I can be found petting dogs (occasionally cats too), reading science fiction or researching incessantly about various kinds of tea!


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