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Featured Projects

jamba cover.jpeg

Project supported by Focus Brands - 

Complete Redesign of the Jamba Juice mobile app by formulating the problem statement and using research methods and multi-stage design evaluations resulting in measurable improvements in the design of the mobile app

UX Redesign Project

GH Cover.png

Thesis Project - Designed a conversational medication "check-in" built within the Google Home for older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and their care partners evaluated over a 20-week study. Collaboration with the Cognitive Empowerment Program at Emory Hospital, Atlanta

Ongoing HCC Research

Medication Assistant for Google Home

Jamba Juice App Redesign

dpod cover

The dPod

Designed a prototype for a mounted and bike-attachable device for food delivery bikers to manage orders, navigate while on-the-go and communicate with customers and restaurants with the help of a companion mobile app

UX Case Study

Image by Amy Humphries

Animal Aid Shelter App

Designed a mobile app for Animal Aid Unlimited - an animal rescue shelter in Udaipur, India. Conducted user research with shelter workers, potential adopters and volunteers and presented the design to the shelter as part of volunteer effort 

UX Case Study

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