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Surveillance Machine

Aim of this project was to design and build an IoT enabled manually controlled surveillance ground robot. Its main purpose is to explore a given unfavourable conditioned remote environment (where humans cannot reach) while transmitting back real time video footage to the remote monitoring station. The controller (human) to navigate the robot and to study the environment can then use this real time data.

Team : 3 ; Niharika Mathur, Mayank Jha, Prashant Singhai             

Tools used: MIT Template, Arduino uno 

This project was done by us as part of the class project for the course Human Computer Interaction (CSE4015) in the fall of 2017-2018. The course was completed with an overall grade of "A" at the end of semester.


The robot is named, “Surveillance Machine”. The bot prototype which we made is a small IoT enabled bot which has a simple body consisting of:

  • Acrylic chassis 

  • 2 motor wheels

  • 1 castor wheel

  • Arduino UNO

  • L293D (Motor Driver)

  • Bluetooth Module (HC-05)

  •  Battery holder (6 AA)

  • Wi-Fi module

  • A camera

This camera can be of any type based on the requirement. Some may use Infrared and UV cameras for special purposes. We used a simple mobile phone camera which works in visible light spectrum. By using a mobile phone as camera, we also get built in Wi-Fi module which is interfaced with camera using an android application, designed using MIT Template.

The received footage can be processed and enhanced by Image
Processing Algorithms and analysed by Computer Vision, Neural
Networks and Deep Learning Algorithms for detailed study and other
scientific purposes.

Snapshot of the bot

App Screen and Live Video Feed

In the future, the project can be further enhanced in many ways:

• Hopping capabilities can be added to the bot by altering the design and
structure to let it petrol in cluttered environment with ease.

• Robot gains online cloud connectivity which will increase its domain
of use.

• It can be used for security purposes in homes for detecting any
unknown presence or saving mankind work.

• Application can be extended to military use. We can add high image
processing capabilities to the surveillance section of bot help in
surveying in battlefield detecting mines and other deadly bodies.

• Applications can also be extended to deep space with a lot of extensive
study and consideration of atmospheric pressure and outer space

• Laser module attachment over the bot will let the robot to sense
distance can be used as an add-on feature.

• Bot can be given a centipede like body which will enable it moving
through after earthquake debris looking for survivors.

• With a waterproof body and wheels replaced with flippers, this bot can
even inspect marine life.

Basic Arduino Structure

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