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Sporty is an app for people who need people with similar sporting interests based on priorities

Team : Individual Project (Wireframing)            

Tools used: Balsamiq 


The credo of the app is to connect players with each other, even when they have shifted, to keep their passion for their hobby alive. An app service designed for people who are hobby aficionados, but are in crisis as they have recently shifted cities/neighborhood. Sporty connects people with each other who have a similar hobby in a vicinity, even when they are on a move!


The below wireframes have been created on the wireframing tool – Balsamiq.
To explain the flow of the app, let us consider a user scenario.

USER SCENARIO – Leo just changed cities, and now wants to pursue his hobby of Badminton.

1. He downloads Sporty. And registers on it.


3. He enters details about himself that will help the sorting and searching algorithms to work efficiently.


5. The application now asks Leo to rank his priorities, for example, if interest matters more to him than Budget, he can specify.


7. If Leo wants to further see the profile, he clicks on it.


2. His Location gets identified.


4. He then chooses his particulars based on the checkboxes under interests.


6. Based on priority search, he gets matched profiles.


8. The app also gives a feature of looking for coaches.

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