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Property App For Making The House Hunting Process Easier Than Ever

Human-Centered Design

“Aashiyana” is a Hindi word, which means “a beautiful home” - representing the idea behind the app.


 The Problem

Finding a house to rent in a new city can be a daunting task. Specially with varied options, it is difficult to go and physically survey every apartment. I came across a lot of friends who had trouble finding or renting apartments in big cities, which made me conclude that there are a variety of reasons that make apartment owners skeptical to renting their properties to single people or people without families in the city, rendering the search even tougher. 

User Research 

In order to understand the needs and desires of the users and to identify the root cause of the identified problem, around 35 people were surveyed through a questionnaire. The survey was conducted among college students as well as recent graduates, both being the target population for looking for a house. The summary of the survey is documented here for a lucid understanding. 

  • Age bracket : Between 18 to 30 year old.

  • Status : Single working professionals.

The questions presented in the survey were :

  • Have you ever tried to find houses or apartments in a city other than the one you currently live in?

  • Do you think it is true (if yes, upto what extent?) that even in metro cities, a lot of house owners are skeptical about renting places to singles/bachelors?

  • What do you think could be the reason for lesser available accommodations for bachelors?

  • If you were to have free access to an app that would list out housing options exclusively for bachelors, how likely are you to use it? (0 to 4)

Conclusion from the survey

The survey received 35 responses and the main highlights of the survey are presented below : 

  • 24 out of 35 people said that they have tried to find a house or an apartment in a city other than the one they live in. 

  • 29 out of 35 maintained the probability of creating nuisance as the major reason for the skepticism.

  • 20 out of 35 agreed to there being a skepticism among house owners to rent apartments to single people. 

  • 34 out of 35 people entertained the possibility of using an app that would make the house hunting process easier. 


After analyzing the data gathered throughout the survey, the major needs of the users were identified. The next step was to create scenarios that would aim on addressing these needs and come up with a design that catered to the users.


Designing The Information Workflow


Making The Skeleton Through Wireframes

High Fidelity Prototype

Screen 1

  • Landing page. 

  • Gives the user the option to either register or continue as a guest

Screen 2

  • Registration form for the user.

Screen 3

  • Requires the user to select their city.

  • The user also has an option of specifying location and preferences. 

  • Users can also select from popular cities.

Screen 4

  • Users have to specify preferences.

  • Has the option of choosing current location.

Screen 5

  • Shows house listings.

  • Users can star mark houses.

Screen 6

  • Shows house details with the option of booking and requesting for house owner contact.

Screen 7

  • Lists the amenities and rules for the house.

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